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Historical Calendar

9th century AD - beginning of the settlement of today's area of the town
1004 – first written reference to Žatec in Thietmar Merseburský's chronicle
1099 – Bretislaus II spent Christmas at the castle in Žatec with the next Polish ruler Boleslav III
1111 – Žatec is managed by Soběslav, the brother of the Duke Vladislaus I
1248 – for the first time, Žatec is referred to as a medieval town
1261 – Žatec brewers acquired the right to brew beer
1265 – Ottokar II granted significant privileges to the town
1335 – John of Bohemia granted the Žatec town school the right to elect the chancellor and teachers
1348 – first written reference to a hop field in Žatec
1405 – craftsmen assumed permanent control of the town from patricians
1414 – the Pope put a curse over the town
1421 – Žatec defeated the army of the Second Crusade
1539 – establishment of a special sealer guaranteeing the originality of Žatec hop
1567 – there are 700 inhabited houses and almost 5,000 inhabitants in the town
1582 – the town was struck by great floods and about 150 people drowned
1602 – the oldest depiction of Žatece and its hop fields by Jan Willenberg
1619 – Žatec was visited by the “Winter King” Frederick V
1621 – execution of Maxmilián Hošťáleka at the Old Town Square
1767 – there are 4 breweries and 20 malt houses in Žatec
1788 – Žatec became the seat of the regional office and 284 houses were destroyed by fire
1801 – the Burgher Brewery was opened at the Žižka Square
1827 – a chain bridge was built over the river Ohře – the first bridge of its kind in Bohemia
1833 – a hop-growers' association was founded to protect the quality of hop
1860 – creation of a hop market in Žatec
1884 – the Hop Stamp Office was established in Žatec
1929 – Josephine Baker, a dancer starring in Folies Bergere in Paris performed in Žatec
1930 – the population of the town is 18,100
1934 – the town registers 161 hop-growing companies and 53 hop-packaging companies
1997 – Ceremonial opening of the Hop Museum
2004 – Town Millenium celebrations
2010 – Construction of the Hop & Beer Temple complex

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